Project description

This project is a continuation of the project Extreme weather events in Romania: heat waves. Features, causes, and impact (project code GTC 34025/2013) and is mainly focused on an integrative study of characteristics, causes and changes detected in extreme weather events related to air temperature and precipitation (EWETP) in Romania as well as on identifying their potential impact on environment and society.

This project was designed to achieve 7 specific objectives, 6 of which are research goals while the last one covers dissemination of research results:

O1: Setting the climate databases and analysis methods for determining EWETP

O2: Identification of EWETP in Romania over the period 1961-2014;

O3: Statistical analysis of EWETP in Romania over the period 1961- 2014;

O4: Analysis of the dynamic causes of EWETP occurrence in Romania;

O5: EWETP impact in Romania;

O6: Climate modeling of EWETP in Romania for the period 2020-2100;

O7: Dissemination of scientific results.